Through his personal journey, our late founder, James A. May, Sr., found a variety of remarkable herbs growing in the Paraguayan rain forest. These naturally occurring plants and herbs had qualities that were found to be restorative and energizing and had been used for millennia by native tribes.

Mr. May brought samples back to the United States and made them part of his daily routine, naming the herbs Wisdom of the Ancients.

Over the years, he added other herbs found around the globe, which were all used and respected for their wellness benefits by the locals.

Today, Wisdom of the Ancients’ goal is to enhance the lives and well-being of those who buy our products and we encourage others to continue the journey that James A. May started so long ago.

James May's Journey

Our late Founder, James A. May, Sr., traveled the globe to bring the finest herbs to people worldwide. His journey started more than three decades ago as one of discovery.

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Our Products

Wisdom of the Ancients provides a natural alternative to our fast-paced, modern life by producing quality products that support health-promoting lifestyles to people across the globe. It is our hope that everyone who uses Wisdom of the Ancients products feels that their life has been enhanced.

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