Ancient Legends Become Modern Supplements to Health and Wellbeing

For hundreds of years, the Guarani people of Paraguay have prepared a special blend of rainforest herbs with which they make a fragrant herbal tea that they sip through a bombilla. The knowledge of this ancient brew has come down through the centuries from mother to daughter. At the first sign of the sniffles, they prepare the brew and drink it throughout the day and the next. While the ancient name is O’ Ho’ Mguara (meaning “It must go!”), we call it Symfrē® (pronounced sim-free).

Pau d’Arco Tea (also called Lapacho), which contains numerous health generating compounds, is another very wise choice. Wisdom of the Ancients® Pau d’Arco is hand harvested by natives who are experts in the selection of the trees and harvesting the phloem (inner lining of bark) without harming the magnificent Purple Lapacho tree. The phloem must be skillfully cured to preserve the vital compounds that reside within this vascular system of the tree, where its very unique restorative nutrients are transported from roots to leaves and from leaves to roots.*

It is also a wise choice to try these two herbs skillfully blended together in our delicious Sympacho® Tea. This is a very pleasant tasting blend of Symfrē® and Pau d’Arco, with just enough Yerba Maté to activate the healthful properties in the other herbs. A small amount of stevia leaf is included, both for its desirable taste and its 100 nutrients. This is a soothing tea that promotes relaxation and sleep.* It is conveniently packaged in tea bags.

The Guarani taught me that the most miraculously restorative tonic, according to their vast knowledge, is to simmer the inner lining of the bark of the Pau d’ Arco tree for 10-12 minutes and remove it from the heat. Then add an equal amount of the blend of Yerba Maté and stevia (we call this mixture Yerba Maté Royale®) and allow the brew to steep for several minutes. It is then sipped throughout the day. I have employed this wisdom many, many times over the decades — and it is incredible!

The Herbal Tea That Looks Good On You


Yerba Maté and stevia-sweetened Yerba Maté Royale® are both known for their ability to increase natural physical energy and mental alertness, muscle strength and endurance. When you are more energetic, you move your body more and faster, which burns off more fat. Also, scientists report that we expend 20-25% of our energy through our brain, so that increased mental alertness helps burn glucose (the brain uses glucose for energy) which is then not stored as fat.

Published research indicates that Yerba Maté consumed before workouts increases the fat burned for energy. This is because it causes a significant decrease in respiratory quotient (RQ), which indicates a favorable effect for burning fat and therefore decreasing body fat. So drink maté daily, and especially before physical or mental activity, and anticipate a slimmer, trimmer, stronger, smarter you.* Since 1982, James May has started each day's research and writing by 5:30 AM while sipping his Yerba Maté Royale® through a bombilla. He says it awakens his mind, heightens his perception and deepens his memory. And he never leaves home on a trip without it. He has researched and written seven books while sipping his Yerba Maté Royale® in the wee hours of the mornings — and all before going to his office for a full day’s work.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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