Founder in Paraguay: Adventures in South America

Adventurer James May, founder of Wisdom Natural Brands®, has traveled the globe to bring the finest herbal teas and natural foods to your kitchen. Enjoy this rare film footage of his remarkable travels into the rainforests of Paraguay over 28 years ago, where he discovered the unique healing herbs used by the ancient Guarani Indians as their favorite remedy for colds and flu, called O’ Ho’ Mguara. The natives also introduced him to the magnificent Lapacho tree (also called Pau d’Arco) and demonstrated how to harvest, cure and make a tea from the inner lining of the bark (scientifically known as phloem). The Guarani taught him that their most treasured healing elixir was a beverage made by cooking the Pau d’Arco bark and then adding Yerba Maté and stevia leaves, in just the right blend. Over the years, thousands of people have called, written and made personal visits to May just to say, “Thank you, I am well.”

You will see May trekking through the rainforests of Paraguay on one of his first exploratory trips in the early 1980’s, sampling the leaves offered within the fruitful jungle. Here, he found wild Yerba Maté trees growing under the canopy of the dense rainforest. After his journey, May shot video of the workers harvesting Yerba Maté on one of the many plantations. Click below and join with him for a few moments of his journey.

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Click here to watch our founder in the jungles of Paraguay and see a Yerba Maté harvest (8.1 MB, 1 min. 51 sec.)

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